15 Strangest Things Ever Seen On Google Maps

SlappedHamPublished: August 2, 2017Updated: August 3, 2017299 views
Published: August 2, 2017Updated: August 3, 2017

Since Google Street View has become widely available, people have taken to installing their Google Earth desktop app and virtually strolling through the streets of the world, because it is cheaper than buying a plane ticket. Heck, it is free!

But all these casual strolls around the world have given birth to some insane obsessions within the minds of those with idle hands. People have been combing through the images on Street View to find unusual stuff on the streets and in people’s yard and boy, have they found them! But let’s see if they are actually genuine.

A man was captured by the Street View cameras running shirtless after a bear that was lounging in his prized, rusty, old bus. Since this looks as real as they come, we could say it is genuine.

Another person claims to have found a passenger jet parked in someone’s backyard in Paraguay. It’s not even a small jet at that!

Remember the elusive two legged white cat? The bipedal feline that has been evading cryptozoologists turned out to be a very crafty Photoshop job by a imgur user. The real cat’s name is Thumbelina and, other than being pristinely white, she is just a regular looking cat with four legs from Ottawa, Canada

Another one of these crafty Photoshop gigs is the snap of a street corner that looks like any other, until you look at the sewer grate. One crazed It fan had photoshopped the demonic clown inside the grate and let the image circle the interwebs!

Check out the rest of the clip for more strange things that people have found on Google Maps.

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