How to Recognize Lime Desease?

starfisherPublished: August 2, 2017Updated: August 3, 2017
Published: August 2, 2017Updated: August 3, 2017

ou might contract Lyme disease while walking outside, but the disease itself is certainly no walk in the park.

Just ask any of the 30,000 people who are diagnosed with it every year, according to the CDC.

One of the main problems with detecting Lyme disease, is that many of the symptoms tend to fly under the radar. In fact, they can feel like the byproduct of a busy lifestyle.

It’s completely normal to brush off feeling a little under the weather as being no big deal. Admittedly, most of the time, feeling a little unwell is no big deal.

However, Lyme disease and the nerve damage it can cause is a big deal, so it’s important to be aware of the symptoms, especially if you live in the northeast or upper midwest, where most cases of Lyme occur.

Alone, some of these symptoms might be nothing to worry about, but any combination could definitely mean trouble.

Make sure to look out for the following symptoms this summer:

What Is Lyme Disease?

You probably know that Lyme disease comes from ticks, but what exactly is it?

The CDC explains that the disease is spread through a bite by a tick carrying bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi.

The condition can cause a multitude of symptoms, which can be hard to pin down because they resemble other common illnesses and conditions, like flu or arthritis.

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