Molten Metal Squirt Gun Melts Right Through Many Objects

TheBackyardScientistPublished: August 2, 2017712 views
Published: August 2, 2017

How cool is this? After noticing that many people were making some very crazy water guns, 'TheBackyardScientist' decided to make a cool squirt gun as well. It isn't your every day water gun, it actually shoots molten metal! He shows us his two very cool squirt gun inventions, they look very impressive! He uses random objects and melts them down, and waits for them to harden. These molds are what he puts into the gun, cool! When the gun squirts out the molten metal, it is so crazy to see that the object he hits, melts right in front of our eyes! This is awesome! Normally you only see this kind of stuff in movies.

He even shoots the molten metal at the camera, but of course, he puts glass in between the gun and the camera, you don't want the camera to melt! Luckily the glass didn't break or else that camera would have been melted! Even better, the metal is reusable, no need to throw it out! He continues to use the molten gun in many more different scenarios and it continues to amaze us, awesome!

Here's an album of images and a writeup of the gun
Heres the schematic for the tesla coil Ill be doing a build video of this in a few weeks due to popular demand!

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