“My Sister Adopted Her Very First Dog And His Before & After Pics Have Me Crying”

nollygrioPublished: August 1, 2017Updated: August 3, 20172,029 views
Published: August 1, 2017Updated: August 3, 2017

Meriah Jae couldn’t be more proud of her sister for adopting a sheltered pit bull in serious need for some love.

So she decided to express her feelings on Twitter with a powerful message: “adopt, don’t shop.”

And this message simply blew up online with over 136,000 retweets, 353,000 likes, and ton of encouraging comments with kind words.

Of course, let’s not discount the star of the whole show – the adorable pit bull named Charlie who’s finally enjoying his life with a loving owner, while also becoming a Twitter symbol for pet adoption. Nice going, Charlie!

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