Cruel Parents Abandoned Their Sick Baby Because of Medical Expenses And Planned to Make Another One

nollygrioPublished: August 1, 2017
Published: August 1, 2017

Little Sun Menghan is only eight months old, and she has already been through six surgeries.

Menghan, from China, was born with a rare condition in the liver causing her organs failing all together.

Menghan has already had one transplant, and it didn’t take…and just to make matters worse, Her parents disappeared after hearing the cost of her medical bills.

They abandoned her at the hospital. In fact, Mom was heard to say that she’d rather try her luck by having another child. They even pleaded that the hospital stop treatment.

Luckily, Menghan’s grandparents stepped in and are now guardians for the girl.

They are embarrassed and sadden by the actions of their adult children and wish they would reconsider.

Local charities have raised more than $74,000 to the family after hearing Menghan's story.

Thankfully there are more people unlike her parents than like them.

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