Real Life Clown Car, Nine People Flee Of Vehicle After Crash

Caters_NewsPublished: August 1, 2017327 views
Published: August 1, 2017

We all know that clown cars can only be seen at the circus, but it seems that one has escaped was roaming free on the streets in Leicester, UK.

One bizarre moment was caught on CCTV when a silver Honda Civic ploughs into the back of a white Audi, before eight men jump out of the crashed car and start running in the opposite directions like headless flies! Yes, you read that correctly - not one, not two or even four, but EIGHT GROWN MEN left the crashed Honda, leaving the driver of the Audi in question marks.

The driver gets out first and starts running, then the front passenger seat is vacated by two dudes, then the rear doors open and four more guys spill out and everyone runs for their lives! Then the driver comes back, casually open the driver’s side door to take something out and goes running again, but come back once more. Why would he come back a second time at the scene of the crime?

It seems that the crazy bunch forgot that they stuffed a NINTH friend into the boot of the Honda! Yes, dear friends, that Honda Civic can hold nine adult males. Surprised? Us, not so much.

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