Reckless Motorcyclist Gets Hit By Car, Road Sign Miraculously Saves His Life

NewsflarePublished: July 31, 20174,876 views
Published: July 31, 2017

Imagine it’s early summer morning and you head to your working place. The green light turns on and you turn to your left, to continue the route you take every day. All of a sudden a reckless motorcyclist cuts your way and bumps with all his force in your car. The first thing that crosses your mind is “Oh, my God. I killed this guy. What am I going to do?”. But, a miracle happens. The guy you’ve just hit survives. He gets on his feet and starts walking around like nothing has happened.

That’s what was caught on security cameras on the streets of Guigang, Guangxi Province in China on July 18, 2017. The video from the location where the accident happened shows a motorcyclist running a red light and getting hit by a car. Either he was stupid enough to think that he can pass before the car gets to the end of the turn, or he was too sleepy and not paying attention to his surroundings, so he didn’t notice the car in front of him. The force of the collision sent this guy hurling through the air and then he fell straight into the road sign, which softened his fall and miraculously saved his life.

This remarkable video is a proof of people’s recklessness, but at the same time it’s a proof of a miracle that saved this guy’s life. Amazingly, he escaped with only minor injuries.

Next time you think about crossing the street on red lights, think twice!

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