Slackliners Perform Amazing Handstands Between Cable Cars

Caters_NewsPublished: July 31, 2017169 views
Published: July 31, 2017

As if slacklining wasn’t extreme enough, one man decided to take it to another level of extreme - by slacklining between two cable cars in the Swiss Alps! Samuel Volery, 33, from Switzerland and Louise Lenoble, 25, currently in France, took their love for slacklining to Moleson, a town in Samuel’s home land in order to attend the “Highline Extreme” annual event.

Samuel says that it has always been his dream to slackline between two cable cars, because it made him feel more exposed than walking on the normal slacklines. The additional movement of the cable cars provides an interesting challenge as well.

All they needed was the permission to execute and they couldn’t resist the urge any longer. Louise was new to the slacklining sport up until a year ago, when she discovered that all she ever wanted to do is walk in the skies.

Samuel is so passionate about the sport, that he set up a company that produces slacklines, called Slacktivity. This was both the first handstand he performed on a slackline, as well as his steepest highline, but he says that that’s what made it all extra fun.

Many consider slacklining to be an extreme hobby, but Samuel feels no fear of his favorite pastime. According to him, there hasn’t been a serious accident in years, so as long as you are secured, the sport cannot be considered as dangerous.

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