Two Sisters Have The Most Hilarious Reaction To Finding Out They’re Going Vegan

NewsflarePublished: July 31, 20175,431 views
Published: July 31, 2017

Some kids want to try new things, but there are others that are used to the things they know well. Knowing that when you get back from school there will be a delicious dish waiting on the dining table is the best thing to look forward every day. Mama’s steak, daddy’s fried chicken wings, the beef on the barbecue are so yummy, it makes you lick your fingers after you finish your meal.

But, at some points in their lives, people decide to change their diet. There are many reasons why people do this, but mostly it’s because they think that not eating meat will make them healthier.

This mom decides that going vegan is the best choice she could have made for her two little girls. They are still young, so changing the girls’ diet at their age should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, she obviously didn’t know that her younger daughter won’t like this idea at all!

This footage that was captured on July 25 in Yonkers, New York, shows a mom giving the news to her two kids that they are going vegan. The bigger sister screams "No! You just ruined our childhood. How can you do this?".

You might wonder what was the little girl’s reaction. The little one cries her eyes out after their mother announces the dietary change. That is definitely the most amusing reaction to finding out that someone’s going vegan. Watch how this adorable disappointed duo is! It makes you call the girls and promise them that till the end of your life you will be feeding them with the thing the obviously like the most - meat!


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