Blind And Deaf Puppy Loves To Cuddle

NewsflarePublished: July 31, 20173,058 views
Published: July 31, 2017

Meet the most amazing pup in the world! The adorable deaf and blind double dapple Dachshund Chihuahua mix was rescued by Colbert Veterinary Rescue Services from a hoarding situation in Georgia. Rejected by his mama, the pup needed supplemented feedings for weeks. The rest of his litter suffered from the same hearing and vision deficits, resulting from irresponsibly breeding two dapple patterned dogs.

Because of his adorable pink coloring, his saviors called him Piglet. Despite being blind, it didn't take him long to realize that his eyes worked just enough to see large dark objects in front of him, giving him confidence that he didn't have before. He had terrible separation anxiety that improved over time, but he still needs the love and affection of his family. As you can see from this incredible video, Piglet loves the attention and affection of everyone!

Piglet is a true internet celebrity, having his own Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Instagram account give him a substantial online presence allowing him to engage and educate. Through his educational videos available on YouTube, Piglet's impact reaches all around the world.

Piglet is an inspiration to all who have met him both in person as well as through social media. And he is an extremely adorable, engaging little treasure!

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