New Zealand Daredevil Feeds Copper Shark With His Bare Hands

NewsflarePublished: July 29, 2017690 views
Published: July 29, 2017

The one thing that you get warned about time and again when you go shark watching is “DO NOT FEED THE SHARKS”, just observe from a distance. Tourists and those with a bit more common sense between their ears will take that rule to heart, but one New Zealand native decided that he is already so close to the sharks, he might as well feed one like it is the hungry dog in his own back yard.

A footage, shot off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand, shows a daredevil on a boat at sea, slapping a fish across the surface of the water in order to attract the bronze-skinned beast lurking in the deep. Within moments, the 600 pound beast breaches the surface and flashes its dagger-like teeth, before snatching the fish right from the man’s bare hand!

People on the boat with the daredevil can be heard screaming with excitement as the shark was literally just inches shy from nibbling on the man’s digits along with the fish they were holding. One of them can be heard yelling “That was so close!”

Also called a bronze whaler, they can be virtually indistinguishable from other individuals of the same ground shark species, but the subtle bronze hue is what makes a copper shark stand out from the water.

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