Chinese Models Can Change Poses With Lightning Speed

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Published: July 28, 2017Updated: July 29, 2017

When we see photo shoots being done in the movies, we see them going at a leisurely pace. The models can take their sweet, sweet time striking a pose, being sensual and comfortable in what they wear or don’t. But in China, things are getting pretty hectic, so models have to accommodate to the fast pace.

Everyone that has laid eyes on this footage has been left with their jaw on the ground, seeing the model freestyle poses as a camera shoots one frame per second. Chinese couture might be cheap, but the models who advertise it aren’t - every model that is able to strike a pose that fast demands up to $1500 per session. It might be a grueling job, but at least it pays to be that fast and on point!

This phenomenon isn’t new though. In 2014, an article in China Daily reported that models who work for high-end fashion chains get to wear around 150 clothing articles per day and strike around 700 poses. One model, working for the online shopping brand Taobao, reportedly manages to make around 30 poses per second!

Talk about fast fashion. If a camera takes a millisecond to capture a frame, why hold a pose for more than that? Taobao is China’s biggest online shopping website. They are like Amazon to the east and are owned by Jack Ma, the same guy that owns Alibaba.

These Chinese models have changed the way models do photo shoots with their unbelievably speedy posing. Some of them change two poses every second, meaning that there are dozens of photos taken for the online catalogs. Supermodels and Instagram addicts will be put to shame with how swift and smooth their posing is! So graceful, despite the high heels!

She moves continuously, barely stopping to pick up a clutch or some other accessory that goes well with her attire, before going back to her lightning-fast posing. The photographer keeps clicking the shutter, the flash goes off like a cue. We have to say we are very impressed with how she is able to display such a variety of poses. Each hand placed precisely where needed, head bows, the frilling of the dress. Of course, to capture her speed, the photographer needs to have an ultra professional camera with a shutter speed that will match her posing, so that no shot turns out blurry. If she does two poses every second, that’s 30 poses in just 15 seconds! No wonder they pay so well.

As well they should, since the models are capable of throwing over 700 poses with over 150 outfits within a workday. They have just a minute to change between outfits and just 10 minutes for a lunch break.

The photographers give their instructions just as fast. “Take the handbag”, “use the pockets” are just a few of the instructions that pop up during a session and each model nails them seamlessly. So seamlessly, in fact, that the netizens of Chinese social media sites called them “lifelike robots”, obviously stunned by their performance.

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