Lorry Driver Deliberately Rams Police Car To Avoid Being Stopped

NewsflarePublished: July 26, 201779 views
Published: July 26, 2017

It seems that the crazy drivers are gathering in China. This disturbing footage has emerged of a lorry driver shunting a police car out of the way, to avoid being inspected.

The footage, shot in Chuzhou, Anhui Province on July 22, shows a police officer showing the driver of the overloaded lorry to stop, while another runs towards it and removes a dummy licence plate covering the original one. Then the first driver approaches the cabin and takes a photo of the driver, using his smart phone (it seems they are literally everywhere these days).

As the policemen continue with the preparation for their inspection, you can barely notice that the lorry is actually moving very slowly towards the police cruiser. When the officers lose sight of the driver for a moment, he steps on the gas pedal and rams the lorry into the police cruiser, shunting the car for more than 30 feet, before driving away.

Official statements have been let out that the police is still looking for the perpetrator.

It seems that drivers in China are governed by the saying “better kill, than leave injured”, although the only thing injured in this situation might be the lorry and the driver's integrity.

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