Huge Elephant Takes On A Pack Of Wild Dogs Before Charging Towards Police Car

Published July 26, 2017 95,114 Plays

Rumble An incredible footage has emerged of a huge elephant taking on a pack of wild dogs before charging towards a police car at a tourist hotspot near Kruger National Park. This amazing encounter was caught on camera by holidaymaker Beryl Venter and shows the scary moment when an elephant comes out of the bushes and goes straight onto the road.

The huge elephant appears out of the blue and immediately starts chasing after dozens of wild dogs that happened to be strolling in the middle of the road. Moments later, a police car caught elephant’s attention so the wild creature started marching towards the vehicle. The car can be seen quickly reversing in order to get out of the path of the charging animal.

Holidaymaker Beryl, was towing a caravan and was unable to reverse, but he managed to film this terrifying moment. Luckily, oncoming motorist beeped its horn and eventually scared the huge elephant off.

After this unpleasant moment, Beryl explained that he was on his way home from Letaba after spending five-weeks in Kruger. He was honestly feeling very depressed because he hadn’t experienced any special sightings throughout his stay. However, the group of wild dogs running around and playing in the road caught his attention so he started recording.

In the midst of taking photos, he heard an elephant cry from the bushes and noticed that a few dogs started running away. Suddenly the elephant burst from out of the bushes and starting chasing the wild dogs. Then, the elephant started charging towards the police car and the story could have ended very differently if the elephant kept on running towards the vehicles and if it wasn’t for the horn to scare it away!