Granny Shows Her Groovy Moves Dancing To A Busker’s Music In Valencia

Published July 26, 2017 15,340 Views

Rumble Has it ever occured to you walking on the streets in your town, listening to an interesting melody and suddenly getting the urge to dance like no one’s watching? You let the music carry you and start shaking your body the way you like it and just enjoy the day… When people say that age doesn’t matter, they are right. Whether you are 8 or 80 years old, the only thing that is important is that you set your mind free.

This granny is having a great day dancing in the streets of Valencia, Spain. The grey-haired groover shows off her moves as Borja Catanesi Muñoz is having a performance, playing the guitar. Boy, she is throwing some very impressive moves, swaying her hips from one side to the other.

Watching her groovy moves convinces you that in her earlier years she was a real dancing queen that attracted everybody’s attention. She is setting the bar so high for all those watching her and contemplating whether to even try to live up to this show!

This granny stole the show as she danced to the music of the busker Borja. The two of them seem to have a special connection, as after a while they start dancing together. When their performance ended, they bowed to the onlooking crowd and gave each other a hug.

If you want to know how to enjoy your retirement days, you definitely must watch this video. You can even learn some new cool moves!

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