Adventurous Dolphin Gets High On Puffer Fish, Then “Passes” It To Divers

Caters_NewsPublished: July 26, 2017174 views
Published: July 26, 2017

Dolphins are believed to be one of the most intelligent species on this planet, so much so that they have been witnessed putting their own ingenuity in the pursuit of getting “high” - by agitating puffer fish!

A group of divers witnessed that exact ingenuity during their dive with Extreme Nature Tours, when a dolphin swam around them, seemingly playing with his prey, a puffer fish. Afterwards they found out that all dolphins bait puffer fish to release its toxins, because they are like a drug to the mammals and they enjoy the intoxicating effects it induces.

Not only did this venturesome mammal enjoy his puff, it even looked like it tried to share with the humans!

This behavior is very common, because puffer fish are vastly present on the healthy reefs.The negative side effect of this “sport” is that after agitating the fish for some time, dolphins usually pop them after they are done with their fix.

A documentary was released sometime in 2013, showing young dolphins playing with a certain kind of puffer fish, scaring it into inducing their nerve toxin. Large quantities of said toxin can be deadly, but in small amounts it is known to induce a narcotic effect and dolphins have figured out a way to make the fish release just the right amount.

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