Diver Spots Rare Megamouth Shark Off Indonesia's Komodo Island

StoryfulPublished: July 25, 20173,733 views
Published: July 25, 2017

A pair diving near Komodo Island in Indonesia had a very unique encounter, when they crossed paths with the elusive megamouth shark. This one-of-a-kind encounter came just two months after a 20 foot individual was spotted in Japanese waters.

Penelope “Penny” Bielich, the woman who recorded this encounter, said that they “met” with the shark near the “Shot Gun” dive site in Komodo National Park. According to her fellow diver, Heikki Innanen, he and Penny were the only divers in the water when the shark appeared.

According to the divers, the shark seemed in good health and was a bit intrigued by the humans. The animal swam straight towards them and passed around ten feet away. Initially, they mistook the giant for a whale shark, but when the beast came closer, the uniqueness of the sight dawned on the two enthusiasts.

Despite their impressive size, megamouth sharks feed on some of the ocean's smallest inhabitants. Using 50 rows of tiny teeth, the filter-feeders sieve krill, jellies and other plankton as they swim. Many of these prey species regularly move from deep to shallow water, and local currents give them a boost towards Shotgun. It's possible, then, that the megamouth had simply followed its dinner to arrive at the dive site.

Credit: Penelope Bielich via Storyful

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