Check out the First Outside Steps of this Gorgeous Baby Buckskin!

nikosbrihmaniPublished: July 25, 2017Updated: July 26, 2017449 views
Published: July 25, 2017Updated: July 26, 2017

Are you ready for your daily overload of cute, because you're about to get it in this video! Watch as a chestnut mare leads her baby from the stall for the first time.

The little one is, of course, a little fearful; after all, there's a great big world he's never seen before! You can see when he finally starts following his mama, he sticks close to her shoulder.

There's an old wives' tale the old-timers at the stables used to say. They could pick out with great accuracy the colts from the filies in a group of horses in the field. They say colts will always stick close to the mare's shoulder; fillies will be either behind their dam or at her hip.

Now, I have no scientific study to base this wives' tale on, but for me, it seems to be true. Pay attention next time you see a herd of horses with foals, and see if you can pick out the boys from the girls!

You'll notice how the foal's back pasterns (what we'd call the ankle in people, where the hoof will make a forward bend) seem to be much more flexible than older horses. This is because their tendons are more flexible; this eases the birth of the newborn foal.

As the youngster gets his legs coordinated, you'll see him run and jump in play. Exercises like that are important to help tighten the tendons, build his muscles, and make stronger bones as the baby grows.

Eventually, he gets confident enough to explore on his own, even finding a tiny little human and a dog nearly as big as him! These are all excellent "imprinting" opportunities for him, so he won't be afraid of new things as he gets older.

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