Soldiers Tear Down Posters Decrying Upcoming 'Constituent National Assembly' Election

StoryfulNewsPublished: July 24, 2017
Published: July 24, 2017

Soldiers from Venezuela’s armed forces broke up a protest and tore down posters in front of one of the voting locations in Caracas on July 24 where demonstrators were protesting against the upcoming election to form a “Constituent National Assembly.” President Nicolas Maduro said in May that the Constituent National Assembly’s main purpose would be to reform and “write up a new constitution.” Many Venezuelans, lead by Voluntad Popular, the opposition and current majority leaders of Venezuela’s National Assembly, are boycotting the election, saying that it’s rigged and that Maduro’s push to reform and rewrite the constitution is another move by his administration to consolidate power and control. Maduro previously tried to strip the current National Assembly of it’s power in March, triggering the widespread protests that have continued in the months since. Credit: Twitter/Gabriela Gonzalez via Storyful

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