Beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet Dances Around Owner

Published July 24, 2017 269 Views

Rumble Did you know that rainbow-colored lorikeets love to dance? Even better, they dance in the rain. Well, at least this guy does.

This rainbow lorikeet does a ‘rain dance’ every time he hears the sound of running water – and his owners have managed to catch his hilarious jig on video.

We see Lori with his owner sitting on the floor. There a bowl in front of them and his owner is holding a teapot over it, while Lori is hanging on her sleeve.

When she starts to pour the water slowly from the pot to the bowl, Lori looks inquisitively at it. But when the trickle of the water reaches Lori's ears, he jumps on the floor and starts dancing in circles around the bowl!

Whether it is the sound of nature calling or he just really likes the trickle of the water, something makes this lorikeet wanna jump up and do the boogie! And he isn't alone – apparently rainbow lorikeets have a thing for falling water and dancing to it's rhythm.

Lorikeets are the clowns of the bird world.  Just like a clown they have an unmistakable bright red beak and colourful plumage and they are mischievous and noisy making sure that all eyes are on them. Those that keep lorikeets describe them as addictive since watching their cheeky antics can keep them from doing anything else for hours and it seems that dancing is one of their favorite pastimes!

So cute!

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