Baby oblivious to lion trying to attack him at zoo

Newsflare Published July 24, 2017 3,890 Plays

Rumble - An amusing video has emerged from the United States of cute baby sitting at a zoo smiling while behind a lion scratches at the glass to get at him. In the clip, which was filmed at Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City on July 10, little Levi, 9 months, sits grinning at his parents when sudden a lion walks into view and starts clawing at the glass behind him. Levi just sits there, completely oblivious to the giant feline trying to attack him.

"Baby Levi is a favorite of the lions each time we visit," his mum wrote online.

"He's also a favorite of his three-year-old brother who's name is ironically, Leo."

Kids can be a lot of hard work to raise and take care of; feeding them, changing them, putting up with moods and tantrums, but in the end it is all worth it because they bring so much joy into your lives by giving hilarious and memorable moments like these. Surely this family and the internet will remember this moment for a very long time! This is one hilarious video that you will not want to miss!

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