Elk attacks photographer

NewsflarePublished: July 24, 2017
Published: July 24, 2017

A remarkable video from the Newsflare archive is trending now.

The dramatic clip shows a young bull elk repeatedly head-butting a seated photographer who remains astonishingly calm even though the animal's horns are coming dangerously close to his face.

Eventually, the elk raises its head and the photographer stands and walks away calmly as park rangers approach.

The photographer has since explained his decision not to stand and run from the beginning.

"I hoped being still and passive would see him pass on. When he lowered his antlers to me, I wanted to keep my vitals protected and my head down. I felt that standing up would provoke him more and leave me more vulnerable to goring," he said.

The clip was filmed in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 2013.

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