Young Elk Headbutts Photographer In The Middle Of Nowhere

NewsflarePublished: July 24, 2017205 views
Published: July 24, 2017

A remarkable video from the Newsflare archive is trending now. The dramatic clip shows a young bull elk repeatedly head-butting a seated photographer who remains astonishingly calm even though the animal's horns are coming dangerously close to his face.

Vince Camiolo shot this amazing showdown at sunrise in Cataloochee Valley in North Carolina. He says that the encounter started quite innocently, but ended up much more frightening.

In the nearly seven-minute-long YouTube video, an unnamed photographer sits near the side of the road, submissively with his head down, as a juvenile bull elk repeatedly tests his nerve, bumps him with his antlers. At the two-and-a-half minute mark, the elk appears to lose interest and slowly walks away, but comes right back again, lowering his head once more and quickly backing up, as if intending to charge the defenseless man.

Eventually, the photographer manages to stand and walks away calmly as park rangers approach.

The photographer has since explained his decision not to stand and run from the beginning.

"I hoped being still and passive would see him pass on. When he lowered his antlers to me, I wanted to keep my vitals protected and my head down. I felt that standing up would provoke him more and leave me more vulnerable to goring," he said.

The clip was filmed in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 2013.

Accounts like this one may not be all that surprising actually. People have reported instances where wild animals would approach them just for the sake of getting to know them, even for a moment. There have also been accounts where wild deer would actually approach a human and stay long enough for at least one photo, if not an entire video. We know of one instance when a wild deer actually befriended a deer hunter, no less!

When hunter Brian Powers was out hunting recently near Wausau, Wisconsin, he noticed a deer by a creek in the distance. But instead of running, the docile creature did something otherwise unimaginable - he approached the hunter and insisted on some head scratches!

Another interesting part about this fellow is that he had an orange scarf around his neck, probably put there to deter hunters from shooting the friendly creature. Both hunters and hikers often wear the color orange to warn other hunters that they are not animals, so as to prevent accidentally getting shot.

Brian says that the two chilled together for some 10 minutes before the stag eventually walked away. But then, Brian saw the same deer in the afternoon, and again he walked right up for some more scratches.

Powers has been hunting for 42 years, and claims he has never seen anything like this. However, another hunter in Wisconsin had a very similar experience earlier this year, though this deer appeared to be younger and the two locations were over 2 hours driving distance apart.

"This deer lives in the wild but is friendly toward humans and someone was smart enough to put the orange scarf around his neck to try to protect him," said Brian.

You just never know where you'll meet a deer friend of yours.

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