Little Girl Distinctly Unimpressed With Disneyland

Storyful Published July 24, 2017 267 Plays

Rumble For most children, a trip to Disneyland is a dream come true. Not Mila Stauffer though. Having previously explained what was wrong with airport security, she now takes apart the so-called “happiest place on earth.” “If you go to Disneyland,” Mila tells the camera. “Prepare for a heartache.” This is one adorable video that you are not going to want to miss. Credit: Katie Stauffer via Storyful

*Sigh* children. They are not afraid to speak what is on their minds and they do not care who knows. If something bugs them, you bet they are going to tell someone! That can both be a blessing and a curse as it can get you out of trouble or into it. In this case it seems to be a blessing as when this little girl speaks her mind, she makes a hilarious video in the process! She would make a really good lawyer one day as she possesses all the right qualities and attributes of one at such a young age!

Children can be a lot of hard work to raise but it is all worth it in the end because they provide memorable moments like this! Please share this adorable video with you friends and family!