Man Keeps Cool In Street Using Portable Shower

NewsflarePublished: July 24, 2017
Published: July 24, 2017

The hot weather in China is not a joke. Making a little effort to keep yourself cool is a good idea. Walking around with a shower device attached to your body may sound a bit crazy but if you look at it closely, it is a brilliant idea. Due to the scorching hot weather in China, more and more people are coming up with their own invention to fight the heat. Being able to “take a shower” during the unbearable hot days is a way to go. As temperatures have hit 40 degrees in recent weeks in Chongqing, a bizarre video has emerged from China of a man keeping cool in the street by using a portable shower. In the clip, which was filmed on July 12 in Chongqing, the man uses a converted pesticide sprayer filled with water to shower himself as he waits at a bus stop. The guy in the video can be spotted beating the sweltering summer heat by cooling off with a portable shower strapped to his back. The man in workout apparel is cooling off while waiting for a bus using this strange device. The shower, operated via a lever at the man's side, appears to have been constructed from parts of a pesticide sprayer.

This China man doesn’t mind the puzzled looks he gets from the other people at the bus stop. He just cares to be refreshed and he is willing to do anything as long as he feels comfortable. Be honest: don’t you want to try his portable shower? It looks cool as much as it looks out of space. This man is desperate to keep himself cool under China’s scorching sun and has successfully done so not paying attention to either amused or jealous onlookers. He can be seen how he pumps water from his device. The other commuters stare at him as they film him. If anything, the man was merely doing his body a favor. Temperatures in Chongqing reportedly hit 40°C (104°F) recently, so to heck with whatever anyone trying to survive invents. He really doesn’t care what other people think.

When it comes to keep your body cool during hot summer days, not only humans but our best friends- dogs, find different ways to fend off the heat. Take a look at this dog who turns the outside tap to cool off. The black Labrador called Lara has only one puzzle to solve - that is how to turn on the tap so that heavy flow of water starts pouring out. Nothing feels better than to feel cold drops of water on your body. So, Dara is resolved to figure out how to turn up the volume of tap water and have some fun in the sun. Once Dara succeeds, it’s time for water follies. She doesn’t waste her time, but instead she gets under that blissful tap to chill out. She doesn’t know what to do first out of excitement - to bite the water or to get refreshed. Her solution is a bit of both things.

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