Un-Bear-Ably Adorable Moment Polar Bear Cub Plays In Icy Puddles For The First Time

Caters_NewsPublished: July 22, 2017Updated: July 23, 2017109 views
Published: July 22, 2017Updated: July 23, 2017

A kid is a kid, no matter what species and this polar bear cub proves is better that anyone. The curious cubs doesn’t ‘paws’ even for a second, before jumping for its first splash in the icy puddles on the Franz Josef Archipelago near the North Pole.

The mother and cub, less than a year old, are believed to have left their den three months ago and the adorable explorer can’t hold its excitement. Lauren Farmer was on Poseidon Expeditions when she saw the tiny polar bear investigate the icy ponds, splattering on the water and trying to eat the ice.

During her 12 day trip, Lauren had numerous encounters with the white giants, but says that this one took the crown. The San Juan Islands native said: “I had seen cubs before but never that young and so curious, most tend to stay very close to the mother and don’t have the confidence to veer off. But this one was diving into a pond, not knowing how deep it would be, it was unusual, yet endearing.”

The Franz Josef is the world’s northernmost location and has a polar bear population estimated at 2,650 in 2004. The archipelago consists of 191 islands, hosting vast wildlife including Atlantic walruses, minke whales, humpback whales, beluga whales. orcas, narwhals and more.

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