Lights Camera Elephant - Bull Stars In GoPro Camera Show

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Published: July 22, 2017

If there is one thing that this elephant isn’t, it is shy! When this elephant bull saw the GoPro camera lying on the ground of the savanna in front of him, he decided that this is not the time to run away from the awkward looking contraption. Instead, he stood front and center, right in front of it.

After a while, he decide that it was enough standing still for a photo, so he went over to investigate the camera further. First he took a deep whiff of the thing, to make sure it isn’t a snack of some sort, then he went on to kick and toss it around. Good thing GoPros are made to withstand this kind of torture!

The GoPro was planted in Hoedspruit Limpopo in South Africa by safari guide Frank de Beer, 21, when he spotted the glorious gentle beast grazing nearby. He got right in time to plant the GoPro right in his path.

Frank said that he take every opportunity he gets to anticipate a free elephant’s movements, so he took his camera and purposefully set it in the bull’s path. He met the elephant as it was feeding near a dry river bed.

Frank estimated the elephant to be in his 20s and has definitely not seen a GoPro before, so he decided to play with it for a while.

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