Rescue Team Use A Drone To Deliver Life Belts To Stranded Anglers In China

NewsflarePublished: July 22, 201717,440 views
Published: July 22, 2017

A dramatic video has emerged of a rescue team in China that is forced to use drones to provide life belts to anglers stranded by a flash flood. There was no other way these life belts were going to get to the anglers. The force of the current was too strong. The footage was shot on July 18 in Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province and it shows the anglers untying the life belts from the drones before they can be brought to safety on a speedboat. It looks like the speedboat is having a difficult time in the flood as well, which shows how strong and scary the current really is.

The first person was saved when the drone brought over a life belt and when the speed boat came shortly after to bring him to shore. After a few seconds of pushing through the current they were able to save the man. The second person was also brought a life belt by a drone, but he had to swim with it across the flood, a speed boat wasn't able to get through to him. As the man floats down the current, the rescue team makes a line in the water with a rope and saves him, awesome!

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