Incredibly Emotional Moment Captured Between Dog And Man With Alzheimer's

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Published: July 20, 2017

What an emotional moment caught on tape. This man spends some bonding time with his daughter's dog. He has Alzheimer's and has almost lost of his speech, but this doesn't stop him from showing all his love for this adorable dog. It seems like no matter what, this dog brightens up the mans day. What a great companion to spend time with. The dog brings him something in his mouth and the man gets very excited, so precious.

He tells the dog, that he will take care of dog and the dog will take care of him. What an amazing bond these two have. Alzheimer's isn't going to stop him from showing love and compassion to this dog. The dog lays down on the ground near the man, and he starts to pet him. The dog loves every moment of this and wants to spend as much time as he can with him. What an incredible friendship. This is so powerful. Make every moment in your life count, every second is precious.

After watching this video, do you feel emotional? It's okay, this definitely pulls at our heart strings. If you are interested in learning more about Alzheimers and how it affects the body, take a look at some of these best selling books.

Have you ever witnessed a precious moment between a person and their dog, let us know in the comment section down below.

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