Unamused Octopus Shoots Woman With Jet Of Water

NewsflarePublished: July 20, 2017Updated: July 21, 20176,911 views
Published: July 20, 2017Updated: July 21, 2017

An unusual video has emerged from Hawaii of an octopus splashing a visitor from its tank. In the video, which was filmed at an octopus farm in Kailuna-Kona on July 8, a woman is inspecting a fairly large specimen when it suddenly shoots a jet of water at her.

"I was taking a tour of an octopus farm where there are interactive tanks of octopus you can put your hand in and they will grab you with their tentacles," the filmer wrote online.

"We learned they are intelligent beings and can discern faces of people and if they don't like you or your cell phone they will splash you with their squirt gun which is around the eye," she added.

"No sooner did they tell us that when the octopus I was watching splashed me totally...not just a little squirt but I was soaking wet."

Octopus’ intelligence has been a long discussed topic among scientific circles. These eight tentacled geniuses have proven to be the kings of the oceans by their smarts. We’ve seen multiple instances where octopodes are able to open jars just by the use of their extremities, to basically solve any kind of obstacle that stands in their way. They might look funny and interesting, but there is nothing short of terrifying about their jets of ink and their extremely strong tentacles. However it may be, they are a force to be reckoned with.

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