Rainbow Forms as Horses Relax on Carolina Beach

StoryfulPublished: July 20, 2017Updated: July 21, 201729 views
Published: July 20, 2017Updated: July 21, 2017

Animal lovers prepare to be filled with joy as this video will surely make you smile! When a storm recently hit on the North Carolina coast line, it formed a beautiful rainbow reflecting onto the North Atlantic Ocean. These wild horses were spotted frolicking on the beach and wading in the water – a beautiful sight that photographer Jeff was lucky enough to capture on camera. These wild horses have been part of Corolla beach for over 500 years. Credit: Corolla Beach Music via Storyful

This has to be one of the most incredible nature videos on the internet! Everything about this video just feels right! The wild horses relaxing on the beach was more than enough to satisfy you on its own, but then you add the crashing of the waves and the rainbow to the background and you have a truly majestic video! Nature is absolutly beautiful and sometimes you have to take a step out of the digital world and appreciate the planet for what it is! After all, your phone cannot provide the same experience that the environment around you can!

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