Emotional Kids Reunited With Dog After Being Three Years Apart

Newsflare Published July 19, 2017 15,477 Plays

Rumble A heartwarming video has emerged of a father bringing his family dog home after living three years apart. Filmed on May 13 in Barcelona, Spain, footage shows this man's daughter screaming with excitement the moment she sees her dog for the first time in years.

Some people claim that they never forget a face. They meet you once, and they remember you. The same could be said for this adorable pooch. She remembers her family members even after being separated for three years. The moment she walks home, she instantly recognizes her humans and is glad to be reunited.

This family has been living in Spain for three years and their friends in the US have been taking care of their dog. When he went on a business trip to the US, this man decided to bring his dog home and surprise his children. The moment his daughter saw her long lost pet she was overwhelmed with excitement that she bursted into tears of joy. What a precious little girl!

The dog is also ecstatic to see his family after years apart, but girl’s reaction is somehow scaring him because she is crying out loud.

Girls are so emotional they say, and this video can serve to support that statement. Out of the two children, one boy and one girl, the girl is the one who bursts into tears upon being reunited with her tiny, fluffy friend. She wants to hold her and snuggle her, but she is overwhelmed with emotion and immediately gets a teary eye. Unlike her, the boy plays it cool and doesn’t show as much excitement as the girl. He is soothing his sister and tries to calm her reaction, by placing his hands on her shoulder. Big brother is here to keep the situation under control!