Freediver Shows What It Looks Like To Hit 40-Meter Base

Caters_NewsPublished: July 19, 2017868 views
Published: July 19, 2017

This extreme video is absolutely breathtaking, showing the dissension of one free-diver to the World’s Deepest Pool.

Guillaume Nery reached the bottom of the 40-meter deep Y-40 Deep Joy pool, in the vicinity of Venice, Italy, on a single breathe, sinking at a rapid speed after emptying his lungs to increase the speed of the dive.

Guillaume has previously broken four world records and is capable to dive 126 meters below the surface on a single breathe.

When undertaking such incredible feats, the free-diver always expresses caution; he never dives alone.

After the video was released it has been viewed more than half-a-million times. And it is no wonder: it is a deliberate attempt to take another approach to underwater filming.

Guillaume prefers diving to swimming, and never uses fins for moving underwater. He wants to behave like an amphibious human underwater, and not like a regular diver. He compares the experience with a zero gravity space adventure, but without the scuba equipment. He admits that Y-40 is a typically artificial environment quite different from cave diving or other usual diving places.

You must admit, this pool gives off the impression that you are immersed into a science fiction movie or may be you start believing that what you are seeing is a peep into the cities of the future, only below water. What you must also admit is that you attempted to hold your breath parallel to his dive, as long as you could manage, and were in sheer disbelief that what he managed is humanly possible.

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