Plane from UK to Jamaica makes emergency landing to kick off "drunk" man

Newsflare Published July 19, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble A video has emerged showing a Virgin Atlantic plane originating in the UK which was forced to make an emergency landing in Bermuda to kick a drunk and "abusive" passenger off the flight.

The incident took place on May 16 on board a flight from the UK to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

"The guy that has been captured in my video, was drinking a lot of free alcohol that Virgin Atlantic has been providing to us," the filmer wrote online.

"Later, when he was refused...even more alcohol, he started an argument with one of the air hostesses, shouting at her and he made her upset. When the crew was trying to calm him down, he started to be even more aggressive towards them," the filmer added.

"A lot of other passengers were also trying to calm him down, one of them who was at the other side of the plane, started to shout at him, when he was particularly aggressive to one of the attendants."

"Finally, the pilot decided it would be best to have an emergency landing in Hamilton, Bermuda, to get the guy off the plane and get him arrested," the filmer said.

"When we landed and the police came, the guy refused to stand up and get off the plane, therefore more police officers had to come and drag him off the plane," she said.

"The pilot then apologised to us and said it was best to land in Bermuda and arrest him as it wasn’t safe for anyone to have him on board. At the end of our flight, Virgin Atlantic also gave us an apology letter."