A beer fan who spent 42 years filling his home with cans is desperate to sell his 9000-strong collection

Caters_NewsPublished: July 17, 2017Updated: July 21, 2017628 views
Published: July 17, 2017Updated: July 21, 2017

If you think your collection of toy soldiers is impressive, then check out this man. Retired banker Nick West has spent his earnings for the past 42 years on his beer can collection, counting 9043 cans! Now he is selling them all.

What started as an innocent hobby for the 58-year old Brit has turned into an obsession over the years, but his wife had to put her foot down to stop the madness. After all, it was her gift to him back in 1975 that made him go into the beer can frenzy in the first place – a book about beer.

He spent hours online every evening, trying to find the next item for his collection and was forced to drink “disgusting beer” so that h can add the empty cans to the hoard. He has so many cans that he transformed part of his house into a “beer can library”, but that didn't help with storage; a lot of his collectibles are packed away in cardboard boxes.

Nick's most expensive find was a £1240 half-pint can of Felinfoel, one of the first cans ever produced in Britain. But now that the retired couple has to move houses, he looks to sell the lot, keeping about 200 of his most priceless items.

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