LIVE Sept 5, 2023: Richard Gage & Mick Harrison: Parallels of 9/11 & COVID-Justice Around the Corner Unlisted Video

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Truth Action Project invites you to a Forum: "Parallels of 9/11 & Covid: Justice Around the Corner" with two of the top 9/11 speakers, Richard Gage, AIA, Architect, and Mick Harrison, Esq., a Public Interest Attorney.
In TAP, there is a consensus that the failure to hold the deep state to account in any way has fostered a level of impunity that now haunts our society. We will discuss the parallels of 9/11 & Covid, and Justice Around the Corner.
Given what we know—that our government lies to us and has covered up state crimes—what do we, as moral people, do? What is more important about 9/11: the crime itself or the cover-up? Was 9/11 made possible by the failure to demand the truth about earlier events like JFK? What does the cover-up of the 9/11 events tell you about the nature of the deep state's role in telling the 9/11 big lie? What is the most important thing for the world to know and remember about 9/11? How is the 9/11 truth movement going?
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