Insurance Scam Badly Backfires On Scammer

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Aren't dash cams just the best? Ever since they came out, with their initial purpose to insure you in case of traffic accidents or when some unlucky person decides to blame you for running them over, people have had their minds taken off the guilt of ruining someone's life or idea of a life with the footage their camera captured.

Most often we see dash cam footage of people doing the most insane things in traffic, but this time we have a special treat for everyone visiting Rumble! This lady's dash cam actually captured two guys who attempted to rip her off her insurance by staging a traffic accident! This is just hilarious.

One lady was driving along a road in a peaceful neighborhood without any traffic at all when all of a sudden she runs across a motorcyclist with a helmet pushing his scooter in front of her car, forcing the lady came to a halt. We can also notice another guy on the sidewalk, standing calmly and just observing what’s happening. At one moment, the motorcyclist stops running with his scooter in the middle of the road, and it looks like something has come over him as he starts going backwards and with all his might bangs his scooter against the lady’s car. If that wasn’t enough, he throws himself onto the hood, tumbling down on the road.

The other guy, by now it is obvious that he is his accomplice, films the whole thing with his camera. The woman gets out of the car and is obviously agitated by the situation. We can hear her arguing with the guys, telling them that she will call the police but they act like they don’t care until the moment she tells them she has a dash cam in her car and that they are going to be held responsible for what they did. Upon hearing the word dash cam, both of them clears out of the road and each runs into a different direction.

Two dudes stand on the side of the street and when the lady drives near them, one of the guys pushes his scooter in front of the car, then immediately runs backwards towards the car and jumps on the hood! We are laughing already, because this stage was as terrible as they can get!

The lady, visibly and audibly distraught, got out of the car, phone in hand to call the police, when the other dude, obviously the first one's accomplice, comes over telling the lady that he recorded it all on his phone. The moment she hears their attempt at a scam, she screams “You are mad, I have a camera, you idiot” and we just lost it. This was just plain gold!

The moment they heard the word “camera”, the two amateur scammers grabbed their stuff and each ran their separate way. The whole incident may have looked funny at the beginning but then we kind of start sympathizing with the lady and we honestly hope that these two guys will get what they deserve.

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