Why should anybody listen to this lay person about drug prevention?

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Published: July 14, 2017

Free Drug-Prevention Talk/Debriefings for Churches, Students, Parents in Metro Vancouver BC. Researcher: Manuel Mendoza (2017). Only 2 out of 150 women on drugs were returned to a normal life. As little as one or two illegal or addictive drug uses will result in a lifetime of drug abuse. Does that shock you? Karey Wong wrote that to her, the drugging was “Dark and scary.” Then, “Life will never be the same again.”


Rob Matthies, also known as Bobby the Magician, founder of the Losing Karey Wong Debriefings project, and indirect victim of the world of drugs and crime, has found, if not a definite answer at least a way of getting on the right track in our way towards combatting drug addiction, a wrongdoing that today ravages our society and, with it, each one of us. Drug addiction pollutes our cities, invades public and personal spaces, and is present everywhere. Let’s be honest: Which one of us has not lost a friend, or a relative, to drug addiction?


Facing this problem, governments all around the world have declared war on drugs by enacting police and military measures in the fight against drug usage and trafficking. However, due to the nature of the issue, they have been ineffective: You can’t cover such a wide-ranging crime, in so many territories, with a small number of officers. On the other hand, the problem should be faced by attacking its bases, and the drug problem’s bases are human beings: We can prevent people from falling into drug addiction relatively early, and relatively easily. All crimes start with unhappiness, as Roger Ebert famously said in the wisdom of his last year of life. Also, a study by a University of British Columbia states that only a small minority of children have trauma-free childhoods, less than five percent! Taking this into account, it’s not hard to see why so many people fall into drug addiction at some point in their lives. Karey Wong, a 30-year-old woman who led an appalling life of verbal, physical and sexual abuse, is now a direct victim of drugs and crime. With early prevention, we could have saved her. Rob came to meet her, and to discover this, way too late. Matthies’ discovery of strategies to prevent the addiction to drugs started by studying The Law of Attraction, as well as Stuart Wilde’s metaphysical studies. His life with Karey Wong aided him to come to understand the problem from a more personal perspective, which led him to go to professionals for advice; he decided to consult with a drug rehab counselor, the police, a psychologist, and many others. Furthermore, he talked to people who were “high” for an even more direct approach to the subject. All of that, he complemented with his own personal experience with children that he has gathered across his years as a magician who has more real-people reviews on video than all the other Canadian magicians combined, and an award-winning inventor, a gifted discoverer of simple solutions to complex problems. A journalist wrote, Matthies is “our modern-day Thomas Edison”.


Karey Wong expressed her wish that her story be told and made public. Rob, in full agreement with her desires, founded the Losing Karey Wong Debriefings project, and wants to tell her story to those who still have the opportunity to save their children, and provide parents with effective means of drug prevention. Please invite Bobby the Magician and his volunteer friends to tell your organization about What-We've-Learned from Losing Karey Wong.



They will do this free of charge. They want to spread Karey’s story, so we can all make a happier world, one person at a time.


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