Man Laughs At The Lengths His Cat Will Go To Steal Treats

Published July 14, 2017 279,942 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensIf you have ever owned a cat, even for a short while, then you probably know that there can be almost no way to make a cat change its mind. When a cat has decided on something, they will stop at nothing to achieve this, even at the price of making complete fools of themselves, or worse!

One cat has decided that the treats he’s been getting were not enough, so he decided to climb on the kitchen counter and look for some himself. This hilarious footage from Luton, England, has captured the moment a cat’s attempt to steal treats from the kitchen cupboard goes wrong.

The black thief’s name is Growler and his favorite are Dreamies cat treats. He loves those treats so much, that he must have them right now! So he climbed on the counter and started scratching on the cupboard door, hoping it will open.

For a moment he stops, as if he’s given up, but his paw gets stuck in the door handle and when he pulls it, the door opens, leaving the silly cat hanging for his hide! Panicking, he starts grabbing the cupboard door with his other paw and with some inertia and a lot of luck, the door swings back and brings the thief to the safety of the counter. Phew, that was close…

This little mishap didn’t throw the cunning cat off one bit. The moment his legs found solid ground, he went straight for the cupboard to look for what he came in the first place...Dreamies…

Snacking is serious business, and you should never be expected to share or allow another to take a snack from you without permission. However, in another funny video we see that this clearly isn’t a fair snacking system as the sneaky cat dares to steal a delicious treat from under the patient dog’s nose. Beware, ninja cat is back in town waiting to steal your food!

Dogs are so smart and obedient. If trained well, they can do just about anything! This sweet Golden Retriever patiently waits for his owner to give him the green light to eat his treat, but then an unexpected visitor comes along and steals his snack! What a silly cat!

This obedient pooch was patiently waiting while his owner dangled a treat over his head, but his feline sibling was less patient and stole the show by getting to the treat first.

Footage shows a sweet looking canine sitting quietly as it waits for owner to present him a treat. An obliging human places a delicious morsel right in front of the patient doggie when suddenly a ninja cat appears, snagging the treat.

This very well-behaved dog got a surprise when he settled in to prove his obedience to his owner, expecting a reward in the form of the delicious doggie treat waiting for him. The patient dog was told to wait, and then wait some more in order to receive a treat. Owner found a way to test the very calm dog's patience by placing a treat under its nose and allowing the sneaky feline to steal it right in front of dog’s eyes. Little did he expect that his naughty fellow cat would sneak in and steal his treat right from beneath his nose! Poor pooch!