Expert Train Driver Tackles Bendy Tracks Like A Pro

StoryfulPublished: July 14, 2017292,343 views
Published: July 14, 2017

What do you do when you’re driving a train and come across tracks that have gone through years of neglect? Go very very slowly. This train engineer conductor is an absolute pro and masters these old tracks in… just about no time at all.

The 51-mile-long shortline that runs between the towns of Napoleon and Defiance in Ohio was purchased by Pioneer Rail’s Napoleon, Defiance & Western Railroad Company from Spencer Wendelin’s Maumee & Western Railroad in December 2012. In has been named “the world’s worst maintained railroad", because of the fifty years of deferred maintenance by its various owners.

This line was originally built in 1855 by the Toledo and Illinois Railroad, five years before the civil war began. The route follows the Maumee River between New Haven, Indiana and Maumee, Ohio and was built to connect the growing cities of Fort Wayne and Toledo. Known as the 5th District, the railroad was built over the former Great Black Swamp.

Scott Taipale, the man who recorded this video, said: “The line was most recently the Maumee and Western Railroad (MAW) before being purchased by Pioneer RailCorp. Maintenance was deferred for decades on this stretch of track. Pioneer has done a great job rehabbing the worst parts but some pockets like this still exist."

Credit: Scott Taipale via Storyful

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      hamvak · 50 weeks ago

      "This train conductor is an absolute pro and masters these old tracks in… just about no time at all." I wasn't aware that conductors drove trains...I thought it was the engineer.

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      ScottTaipale · 50 weeks ago

      For more quality rail action and the derailment video I just posted, look up my channel on YouTube. Scott Taipale

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      Spydersniper · 30 weeks ago

      This guy is good1

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      BradDwc33 · 30 weeks ago

      Wow awesome !!!