Dad Jumps In The Pool After Gender Reveal Party

Published July 13, 2017 24,911 Plays

Rumble This Batson family was having a private gender reveal party in their home in Hahira, Georgia, USA, using colour coded cupcakes in preparation to announce the gender of their fifth child.

After having four daughters in a row, Christine’s husband, Josh, was really hoping for a blue icing in the middle of the cupcake to indicate that a baby boy will finally run in the family.

The entire family is gathered on the table and the girls choose from the cupcakes in front of them. Three of them chomp their way to the centre and find nothing, but then four-year-old Natalie says, ‘I can see the pink icing, it’s a girl’, causing already outnumbered Josh to put his head in his hands and storm outside.

The dog is worried because he understands that Josh is actually trying to kill himself. Thirty-four years old Josh walks towards the pool and the family dog follows him. This miserable man looks up to the heavens and screams ‘why, God, why?’ before he falls in the pool and floats face-down on the surface.

Mom says ‘five girls never killed anyone’, but that is wrong. This dad’s reaction is completely understandable. Imagine having to learn that your daughter has lost her virginity five times in a lifetime? Having to drop a daughter off at college five times, knowing she will soon be experimenting with drugs and alcohol five times, the list goes on.