Meet Elvis, the Bone Crushing and Ill-Tempered Crocodile. Mind Your Hands.

StoryfulNewsPublished: July 12, 20172 views
Published: July 12, 2017

Elvis is dubbed Australia’s “crankiest crocodile” and despite being over 50, old age doesn’t seem to have mellowed the half-tonne reptile, as seen by the way he attacks his food in this July 12 video. The saltwater crocodile’s biography reads more like a rap sheet. In 2007 he was found in Darwin Harbour in the Northern Territory wreaking havoc, attacking fishing boats and stealing barramundi. He was shipped to Australian Reptile Park in Somersby, where he now resides, but despite being an ambassador for his species keepers were forced to put him in isolation after he killed and ate his stablemates in the breeding pen. In 2011, he famously attacked some of the park’s workers and lost two teeth after they used a lawnmower as a shield to defend themselves. This video shows the Elvis effortlessly biting and snapping through the bones in his meal and swallowing them. Credit: Australian Reptile Park and Tim Faulkner via Storyful

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