This Might Just Be The Worst Sheepdog In The World

NewsflarePublished: July 12, 20173,108 views
Published: July 12, 2017

A sheepdog is generally a dog or breed of dogs historically used in connection with the raising of sheep. These may include livestock guardian or pastoral dogs used to guard sheep and other livestock in farms for farmers, and herding dogs used to herd sheep and other livestock. Their job is plain a simple: keep the sheep together, bark at any one who might want to go out on her own and make sure no one else approaches them!

Usually, sheep dogs are terrier breeds, but even though this pup fits the physical description, he is not a pro-herding dog, yet! Nelson is half Norfolk, half "something else hound," according to his owner, and lives in Sussex, U.K., where he works as a sheepherder! Unfortunately, he really is not good at getting the sheep where he wants them, unless that plan is to have the sheep chase after him!

In this clip, Nelson isn’t chasing anything, or being chased for that matter. From what we can tell, one of the sheep is actually showing how how to be a sheep dog! The girl walks right behind the mutt, pushing him gently on the butt, while Nelson looks behind him, confused like hell.

This all looks like a scene from "Babe", the movie where a little pig challenges tradition to become the next sheep dog! Babe was really ambitious in his endeavor, something Nelson clearly lacks.

He will come around...we hope…

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