Little Girl Tries on Mom's Makeup Without Permission

Storyful Published July 12, 2017 140 Plays

Rumble We think it is safe to say that there isn't a girl out there that didn't want to play with mom's makeup once in her lifetime. Even if you can't stand it now, when we were little, our moms' makeup was just another plaything; coloring pencils that made different streaks and we could use them on our faces.

Little Lily is a very inquisitive toddler who likes to observe her mother when she puts on her makeup. It was only a matter of time before Lily decided to try it as well. Unbeknownst to her mother and without permission, mischievous Lily found the makeup bag and took matters into her own hands. Between fits of laughter, Lily’s mom caught the whole thing on camera while unsuccessfully trying to scold her.

Lilly is unfazed though. When mom asks what she's done, she just points to the bedroom and says “baggy”. “Why did you take mommy's makeup?” - “Because I was wanting it.” Plain and simple.

She might not be winning any pageants with that look, but she is sure to win “Most Authentic Joker Look” at the next Halloween party! Mommy says that she is really mad at her, but even we don't believe her, because she just can't stop laughing at Lilly's masterpiece. And now Lilly is mad at Mom because she shouted at her.

This argument is neverending! We hope you will have as good a laugh as we did!

Credit: Caroline Blair via Storyful