Teen Wanted A Pony, So She Taught The Family’s Dairy Cow To Showjump

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Published: July 12, 2017

“Ambition is the road to success, but persistence is the vehicle that gets you there.” This is the motto that drove Hannah Simpson, a 19 year old girl from Invercargill on New Zealand, to teach her dairy cow Lilac to showjump, almost like a horse.

Hannah and her brothers used to try to ride the sheep on the family’s farm when she was very young. Hannah has always wanted a pony and she would ask her parents for one, but they turned her down because they were expensive. Then, when she turned 12, she started bonding with one of the dairy cows they owned and then turned to training her to jump.

Lilac amazed everyone when she took to jumping like a pony - now she manages to jump fences over a meter high!

Hannah, who now works as a dairy farmer, says that she was always the adventurous type and she loved trying out new things. Riding a horse has always been her dream but she didn’t have one. Back in 2010 she started bonding with just-born Lilac, so when decided to start riding Lilac when she was six months old, it was fairly easy to get on. She was prepared for the cow to kick her down, but the cow just trotted back and forth and eventually stopped.

Hannah has taught another one of the farm’s cow, Honey, to be ridden too, so one of her younger brother could come log jumping and walking down a nearby river. Once the family had to move, they sold the entire herd but kept Lilac, because Hannah couldn’t part with her athletic companion.

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