Fight breaks out in McDonald's restaurant in Santa Monica, CA

NewsflarePublished: July 12, 201717 views
Published: July 12, 2017

Dramatic footage has emerged of two men fighting with a security guard in a McDonald's restaurant in Santa Monica, CA, USA.

The footage, shot in the early hours of July 5, shows the security guard trying to fend off the two attackers, while one of them uses the guard's baton to try to hit him.

Several customers can be seen trying to break up the fight, including a man in a suit who ends up accidentally hitting himself in the face with the baton as he takes it back from one of the attackers.

According to Trent Williamson, who shot the video on his mobile phone, the melee broke out when the guard asked the two men to buy something or leave the restaurant.

The guard reportedly used pepper spray on the two men who then proceeded to attack him.

"The Police were called, 5 cop cars turned up I gave a statement," Williamson told Newsflare.

Local news reported that one of the attackers, identified as Ronald Graham, 32, was arrested by police as he walked out of the restaurant.

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