This Abandoned Dog Survived In The Sewers For Months Before Getting Her Second Chance

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Published: July 12, 2017

An abandoned two-year-old <a href="" target="_blank">Golden Retriever</a> found surviving on plastic and rocks in the sewers in Bali, Indonesia for a month made a miraculous recovery, thanks to some very kind people. Goldie was found completely emaciated and skeletal, weighing only 19 pounds and barely clinging to life.

Vets doubted this pup will survive, but after treatments at the Barli Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Center, the grateful pooch started showing signs of life, as her foster mom Sandy Button, 45, took her in.

The Australian gave Goldie up to five meals a day for several months, trying to build up the canine and help her learn to walk again. Now, one year later, the <a href="" target="_blank">Golden Retriever</a> has transformed from the half-dead puppy in the gutter, to a healthy, gorgeous pup.

Sandy said: “An adult Labrador weighing just 9kg, is quite literally the definition of ‘skin and bones’, she was so emaciated that her skin was paper thin and almost translucent. [...] We slowly built her up to five small meals a day, initially, when she was too weak to stand on her own I would position her between my legs to eat, while we waited for the food to go down."
Sandy credits BARC with Goldie’s survival, maintaining if the charity hadn’t taken her in and gave Goldie a chance at life she wouldn’t be here today.

To support the Barli Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre or to follow their work visit:

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