71-Year-Old Man Pulls Off Impressive Backflip In A Pool

NewsflarePublished: July 12, 201710,190 views
Published: July 12, 2017

Now this is impressive! An awesome video has emerged of a 71-year-old man performing a perfect backflip in a pool in Kansas, USA. The footage, shot in August 2016, shows two men lifting this older man up and launching him into the air to allow him to complete a full flip before landing back into the pool. How is this even possible? This older man has so much balance, most of us would have fallen before the flip even occurred. This is so awesome to see! Not only is he impressive when it comes to keeping his balance, but wow, the amount of height he gets on the flip, he looks like a professional gymnast.

Was this man a gymnast in his younger years? It definitely looks like it from watching this video. Hopefully he was okay after making the back flip! Everyone around him was so happy to see him pull this off. Some of us younger folks can't even do a back flip like this! What's even better is that we get to see the flip in slow motion too, so awesome! This 71-year-old man definitely deserves a huge round of applause!

Check out this video of a 71-year-old man doing a perfect backflip into the pool!

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