This Guy Was Born to Be a Sports Commentator

StoryfulPublished: July 11, 201756 views
Published: July 11, 2017

Some people are just born to have certain jobs, and this man is one of them! Bob Menery has been gifted with the voice of a sports commentator, and though he may not have a professional platform to use it for the time being, social media can ensure his voice is shared with the world. He’s just that good! A YouTube copy of the video acquired over 240,000 views and was listed in the top five of the videos subreddit on July 11. Credit: Robert Menery via Storyful

Have you ever seen or heard someone before and said "wow, you would be perfect for that job!" ? Bob is one of those people as he would make an amazing sports commentator! You can just imagine him on live T.V during the big game, talking about all the plays as they happen. He really does have a gifted voice!

Aside from just having a good voice, you have to have the right vocabulary and speech pattern when being a sports commentator, which Bob does have. He must have practice a lot to get that good. Surely he even recorded some of his work by speaking into a microphone here and there. Hopefully one day, Bob will actually become a sports commentator!

What job do you think you would be perfect for? Let us know down in the comments!

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