Are they Curing Cancer in Tijuana, Mexico!? Dr Francisco Contreras - Director of Oasis of Hope

3 months ago

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What an absolute delight to have had Dr Ernesto Contreras on the show! You all are going to be blown away by what they are doing down in Tijuana, Mexico! We commonly think of Tijuana in terms of the cartels and drugs and all the trouble one could find on that side of the border - BUT! They are curing cancer in Tijuana Mexico!

Dr Contreras tells some of his families story, we talk about medicine and different modalities. We discuss some of the pioneers of today's medical industry, Dr Royal Rife and others. In times like these wherein medical protocols are being forced on us, en masse. In times wherein a small elite group of Wall Street Titans, Hedgefund Managers and politicians control our health industry... Might be good to hear a few of the good stories still lingering in Healthcare... even if they are in Mexico!!

After watching this interview, check out their documentary! It's really wonderful, actually brought me to tears - listening to their success stories and stories of hope!

I really really enjoyed watching their documentary and interviewing Dr Contreras - Hoping to have him back on the show soon!!

If you are struggling with cancer? Oasis of Hope is something to consider!!

God Bless,

Robert Anthony

Senior Editor

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