This Pug With A Laughing Mask On Is Truly Hilarious

NewsflarePublished: July 11, 2017178 views
Published: July 11, 2017

When it comes to all things bizarre, we can say with almost 100% certainty that the Chinese will never fail us on that subject. Their food choices aside, with all those deep fried bugs and the fried ice cream (what’s up with that?!), there are some aspects of the life of a Chinese person that can never be explained.

Their freaky sense of fashion and some brow-raising choices give us the best view into the minds of these folk. We do, however, say this with the utmost respect and admiration, because they still seem to be functioning without a hiccup. Where as we, the westerners, have to explain everything to everyone.

Here is the freshest example of the freaky Chinese. A video that comes to us from the Shaanxi Province (also, what’s up with the Shaanxi Province?) shows someone’s pet Pug wearing what can only be described as the mask from hell! The dog’s owner has some serious ‘splaining to do, because what on Earth would make them think that slapping a morbid looking laughing mask on their poor little Pug would ever be a good idea?

Oh, we forgot about social media, of course. On the other hand, this is just the kind of video content that people go ballistic about. It might haunt our dreams for the rest of eternity, but it was a good laugh at the moment of watching.

The dog’s owner laughs his pants off, while the pug turns its head left and right, unaware of how ridiculous it looks. All in the name of love.

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